Yeasayer - Odd Blood (2010)

This is a leak of the upcoming 2010 Yeasayer LP entitled Odd Blood. It is much less psychedelic/folky than All Hour Cymbals and more pop oriented. Also a bit less conventional. Pretty interesting at first listen. I'm interested in seeing how this album grows on me. Post your first impressions of this album in the comments, I'm interested in seeing what you think about it.


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  1. jc says:

    awesome, been waiting for this.


  3. does this have ambling alps on it
    if this has ambling alps on it i want it.

  4. yes it does. i love this album.

  5. First impressions: I fucking love this album, it could easily become my favourite of 2010. I don't know how, but it sounds both dark and uplifting at the same time, like church music from some sort of cult of nature. I love how the focus is on vocals and percussion, and how the variety of other instruments act to highlight their awesomeness. Some tracks like I Remember and Mondegreen sound amazing on the first listen, and others like Love Me Girl and Rome are great but will definitely get better the more I listen to them. I loved Sunrise and 2080 from the first album, then got insanely excited when I heard Ambling Alp, and the rest of the album is giving me the same vibe. One of the few albums where I could easily fall in love with every song.

  6. Joe says:

    thanks for posting this!

    halfway through it now and not yet sure I like their new sound. I don't think keating's vocals mix well with the poppier instrumentation, but this is the sort of album that could really grow on me.

  7. Though we appreciate your enthusiasm we must ask you to please remove ODD BLOOD from your blog immediately.

    Sir James Winnie
    Yeasayer MGMT

  8. jc says:

    im removing the link as requested by yeasayer, sry bros.

  9. It's hilarious and depressing that Yeasayer get pissed about people filesharing when no one would know who the hell they are without it. I miss it when indie bands didn't act like corporate tools. I plan on buying the album on vinyl the day it comes out, but I am definitely turned off by their stinginess. I understand wanting to make money on the enterprise, but for Christ's sake, there would be no enterprise if it weren't for stuff like this. I would be happy in knowing that people actually like my music, but I guess Yeasayer passed that stage a long time ago.

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  11. Lol I've seen this cover around and I'm intrigued. Yeasayer isnt going to stop me from listening and enjoying Yeasayer so I'll download this somewhere else.

  12. oh man, I can't believe I missed this. at least I know it's out there now. you are so on the ball!! good work.

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