[download...] Oh, Sleeper have a promising alumni on hand: Three-fifths of the now-defunct Terminal (one of whom spent time in As Cities B... [...]

similar artists: n.Ln, and uhmmm...can't think of more. guitar's tokyo is a nice album, very relaxing ambient that works perfect as... [...]

Solo project of that guy from Black Moth Super Rainbow. Sounds really similar to them except better because of the one track with Aesop Rock... [...]

[download...] Yes, you read that right. It is small, to my knowledge, sub-genre of post-hardcore/screamo that integrates 8 bit synthesizer... [...]

Dreamy, harsh, soothing, and other-worldly noise. An ambitious and diverse album, and easily Tarentel 's most experimental record to da... [...]

similar artists: new order, the anix, stabbing westward. shiny toy guns' new album, season of poison comes after the massive success o... [...]

Mouse on the Keys is a Japanese nu-jazz band who practice heavy use of the piano. This is some brilliant stuff. I really don't think it... [...]

I am Robot and Proud (Shaw-Han Liem) is a one-man electronic artist from Toronto, Ontario. He also played in the now-defunct band Sea Snake... [...]

Stripped down, barren landscapes of noise and ambient, with some sparse guitar. Love the Tarentel . Get it here . [...]

Marmaduke Duke is a conceptual rock duo from Ayrshire, Scotland. It is the side project of the two leading members of Scottish Alternative ... [...]

similar artists: moving units, veil veil vanish, she wants revenge. amazing band from london, a mix of post-punk and new wave with an elect... [...]

Having released their debut LP ‘Blinker:Farben’ way-back-when in 2002, Fonoda made an immediate impact through a sound which smelted influe... [...]

A mix of jazz, rock, and melodic instrumentation, Plays Music is simply enjoyable as hell. 33.3 create a unique and harmonious sound of the... [...]

Second full length from one of the leading dub step musicians. Comes from Tempa which is (I think) the biggest and most respected dubstep la... [...]

similar artists: lights out asia, sigur ros, n.Ln beautiful music from japan. post-rockish electronica with a trip-hop/ambient feel. really... [...]

similar artists: pretty girls make graves, the blood brothers, neon blonde, cursive. jaguar love is the new band from former blood brother... [...]

similar artists: none. fuck that shitty scene-grind garbage. this is the only good genghis tron release ever. and the only good release fro... [...]

The Wayward are a Prog Rock/Psychedelic/Indie (confused yet?) band from Fairfax, Virginia. The Wayward formed in the summer of 2004, roughl... [...]

Short EP by the guy that makes you feel like you're sitting next to some ethereal river in an underground cave with a shitload of reve... [...]

When notoriously prolific multi-instrumentalist Kenseth Thibideau ( Sleeping People , Howard Hello , Pinback ) invited Sacramento native Za... [...]

Atmospheric. Ambient. Here . [...]

The Letter E is a short-lived instrumental band that created multi-influenced and melodic music. Some have described them as 'math rock... [...]

All the Way Alive is an unexpected gem of acoustic pop/folk balladry with an occasional blues touch (although he has more experimental mater... [...]

Weird EP from the legendary band. They recorded a shitload of songs, no one really knows how many, and overlapped them all. I'm not a fa... [...]

at last, the thursday/envy split is here. and as i expected, envy 's tracks are super awesome, their track an umbrella fallen into ficti... [...]