i first listened to this grrrl on that comp tri angle records released with witchy acts covering lindsay lohan songs and her track was the b... [...]

I just got a bunch of new vinyl in the mail, I figured I'd share with you guys. Melvins & Isis-Split (Link removed-so now you... [...]

[you hip piece of shit...] This is the 2nd edition of the Dark As Night comp, limited to 160 copies. Eight tracks, four witches: oOoOO, S... [...]

#1 on the short list of hip-hop concept albums, this Prince Paul gem tells the fictional story of Tariq (played by Breeze from the Juggakn... [...]

[download...] Synth driven x-core groups usually piss me off. Groups like Attack Attack, iwrestledabearonce, Horse The Band, etc with more... [...]

we know the blog has been fucked up lately, and we're doing all we can to fix it. when new bloggers join there is always a period of adj... [...]

While I'm sure that many blogs have posted this album, I think that some people might have missed it so I'm gonna post it here; plu... [...]

[download...] I 100% agree that there aren't enough dirty wobbles on this blog, but dubstep is such a terribly over saturated genre, i... [...]

This was originally released on CDr. Samiyam would burn copies and then take individual orders from the internet. For covers, he would rip... [...]

Third installment of the LA Series drops from All City record label featuring Samiyam and Ras G, two of the most forward-thinking beat head... [...]

"Whoa, slow down Ghandi you're killin' em... hailing outta Illinois (the only Brainfeeder artist to have never stepped foot in... [...]

[download...] CYHSY are a funny group. They have a lot of pop aesthetics, but they primarily play indie rock, with a noticable shoegaze fa... [...]

"So there I sat in the topmost gallery of the Berlin Opera House, and from the first sound of the cellos my heart contracted spasmodic... [...]

[download...] Mt Eden is a former DnB artist from New Zealand, who found more comfort making wobwob remixes. very chill soundtrack redboxmi... [...]

Discovered this recently after a Sharon Jones binge, at which point I decided to check out the rest of the Daptone catalogue. In the album&#... [...]

i was gonna post some chilled out Sunday brunch music to listen to , but we haven't put up anything heavy since that Mahler, so... her... [...]

This is a 2005 IDM release but think back to the 90s, back when Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin were the shit, for everything and everywher... [...]

Here's a quick one. Some more Future RnB. It's only one track but it's easily cooler than some of those 10+-track releases out ... [...]

There just isn't enough dubstep/grime here on wefuckinglovemusic. My friend once told me that after a while, it all starts to sound th... [...]

I remember back when this album first came out, I had been waiting for months and when it finally dropped (UK only release) I was like &quo... [...]

One of Mahler's shortest symphonies and a good place to start when getting into Mahler or romantic music in general.  Also, turn your v... [...]

It's soundtrack Friday! If you've already seen the film/watched the trailers, then you already know how great the soundtrack actua... [...]

goodbye niggeraguan. acting like you're 12 will get you kicked out. let this be a lesson yall. get out the way this is some real broken ... [...]

Dem Hunger is crazy! This one isn't going to appeal to everybody/anybody. No need to dust off your headphones or clean out your speaker... [...]

Takako Minekawa is Cornelius' wife (Google Cornelius). They both make music. They're both from Japan. She composes/writes her own m... [...]

This stuff is stuck in ambient music purgatory and dnb/glitch hell. I CAN CAST A SPELL sounds like the soundtrack to an ambivalent film abo... [...]

soundtrack to the criminally underrated 2009 Francis Ford Coppola film Tetro by hot shit Argentinian composer du jour, Osvaldo Golijov. a... [...]

So there's this new thing coming up, Future RnB . Some artists are doing it: Hudson Mohawke, Jai Paul, etc. Thing is, it's still a ... [...]

Deltron 3030 is a hip hop power group. When Kid Koala, Dan the Automator and Del tha Funkee Homosapien all decided to team up back in 2000... [...]

My favorite of Brahms' symphonies, a mournful piece that I associate with the time I climbed a mountain and looked on from the peak wit... [...]

Chances are, you've never heard of Mike Kober but I assure you, he's not Russian. EASY IN RUSSIA could serve as the model album re... [...]

Mr. Oizo likes to make electronic music. Gaspard Augé is 1/2 of Justice, he also likes to make electronic music. Flying Lotus is from Los A... [...]

It's rare to have an electronic artist whose remix tracks are as versatile and plentiful as his official album releases. Nosaj Thing, wh... [...]

I have to admit, not everyone is familiar with the whole Los Angeles/midi-mecca/glitch/beat movement (thing) going on right now but that&#... [...]

It's 2010 now but in case you missed the 80s, we've got dozens of ways to remind ourselves of what it was/might have been like. Wa... [...]

Guy Picciotto's shortlived post-Rites of Spring project only had one release, this LP.  It's a lot closer to what we call 90s emo th... [...]