fast paced folk music with a certain familiarity to it that makes you feel like like you are listening to a war story from your grandpa. nah... [...]

new single. the alternate version of krimson is way cool. download [...]

     Being the first real Industrial band, Throbbing Gristle has lasted as the most important electronic music innovators of all time.  Firs... [...]

Some great experimental electronica from Canada, perfect for the cold winter, and late nights. It is a slow and quiet, beat oriented kind of... [...]

new single from this awesome heavy shoegaze jap band, check it out if you haven't listened to them yet. download post dedicated to samea... [...]

elephant6 super-group featuring major organ, kevin barnes, julian koster, jeff mangum, will cullen hart, eric harris and andrew reiger(do no... [...]

quite possibly one of my favorite records of the 80s, this privately pressed LP is one of the most classic pieces of modern soul/space-funk.... [...]

This is the kind of hyper-complex jazz that aficionados love because they can identify all the modal shifts and chromatic crescendos and wha... [...]

Fourth full-length album from Bongzilla, a stoner/sludge metal band from Wisconsin. Pretty good, catchy riffs, etc. Recommended for those wh... [...]

A collection of unreleased & B-Side tracks compiled by the band, from the late 80's to the late 90's. These are all 3 volumes th... [...]

this album is pretty cool, you should get it. sorry, i can't write anything else about this right now. download [...]

I've been meaning to post this since I first joined the blog, but have had hard drive issues over the past year or so and have just now ... [...]

some pretty epic jazz-psychedelic-space-latin-fusion-rock from the late 70s that is now a true gem. found this while browsing through some b... [...]

Kepler was an excellent slow-core band from Ottawa that eventually disbanded in 2006. Some members have gone on to form a new Toronto bas... [...]

Did I forget to post this before? That works out well. Listen MF Grimm's life is too crazy to tell as a story so here are the bullet poi... [...]

Danger is by far the most popular artist I've posted on this blog, this is his 2nd EP and the only one not yet on the blog. Y'all k... [...]

this has been out for weeks i know but i wanted to wait for an actual single in v0 to post it here. i really liked this song and can't w... [...]

So I've been listening to The Dodos a lot recently and wanted to post one of their albums, but there are songs on each of them that I wa... [...]

FUCK YES WASSUP NIGGERS 10 out of 10 this album is awesome KAIMADALTHAS' NEDSTIGNIN G sorry about the corrupt track, get it here: Glemse... [...]

As much as I love metal, I've always had trouble getting into thrash. I think it's because I've been waiting for bands that offe... [...]

Rolf Lislevand is a Norwegian baroque guitar and lute player who records and performs traditional baroque music, but instead of always tryin... [...]

up next is another italian gem, which in my opinion is probably one of the best albums of the 70s, whether underground or mainstream. somewh... [...]

Some amazing new electronic post-rock from the UK, with occasional female vocals. They are about to go on tour with 65daysofstatic and Loo... [...]

Apparently Erkin Koray is "widely acclaimed as being the first person to ever play rock and roll in Turkey; in 1957" ( wikipedia ... [...]

"Arson Anthem is an American hardcore punk band, formed in New Orleans in 2006. The lineup comprises singer Mike Williams (of Eyehatego... [...]

quite possibly one of the best psychedelic rock bands from the 60s, baby grandmothers is a lost gem indeed. this band was one of the better ... [...]

so due to the fact that i forgot to post something yesterday, i will make a double post today; first up: circus 2000. this release is a fair... [...]

I first came across Walter Gross when he remixed tracks for Odd Nosdam and the Liar's offshoot These Are Powers . He is from New York... [...]

Composed of songs recorded in the early 70's, this album was compiled by Sibylle's son as a gift for family members, but ended up al... [...]

i've waited for this album for soooooo long, ever since i listened to seventeen on her myspace way back in '08 (or was it '07?... [...]

Son House was a blues singer and guitarist who helped influence and popularize the delta blues style, influencing many artists both then and... [...]

Upbeat, downtempo electronica from the UK with occasional vocals. He's done a couple of remixes for 65DOS over the years, and was even... [...]

Continuing on with my posts of awesome albums you've probably already heard before, this is an amazing sample-based album by The Avalanc... [...]