This mix of different instrumental styles, with electronic elements, and moments of both shoegaze and harder rock, creates a melodic and ver... [...]

I'm convinced that there is not a picture of this album cover on the internet, so here's a photo of the band's legs. Ari Thano... [...]

Upbeat, optimistic, mostly acoustic rock. Played on Anthony Green's solo album Avalon, and he sings a bit on "Weak Man" on th... [...]

[download...] The Portuguese answer to chaotic hardcore acts like Converge and The Blood Brothers is If Lucy Fell . Their music is care... [...]

Every few years something comes along that is SO good it gets played in their office over and over and over and over again and captivates th... [...]

Joseph Nothing is an electronic artist with a penchant for whimsical sounds. Coupled with great electronic percussion, his childlike melodi... [...]

The debut of Minotaur Shock . Multi-influenced electronic with very nice beats and sounds; some chilled out songs. Recommended. Vaguely s... [...]

I hope you've all had a great thanksgiving, I know I have. I love pumpkin pie. Anyway, here's a cool electronic album that I've... [...]

[download...] In honor of our 50,000th view, I'm going out on a limb and posting my favorite album growing up. I was 13. Teen angst-y ... [...]

Trist is a one man band from the Czech Republic. He plays doom influenced Depressive Black Metal. This is his 3rd full length, only consist... [...]

get it if you like: blonde redhead, meanwhile back in communist russia, i love you but i've chosen darkness. piano magic latest EP, rel... [...]

Known most recently for his work with the band Agalloch, guitarist and songwriter Don Anderson’s most personal musical expression remains S... [...]

[download...] The Sega Dreamcast is arguably the best videogame console of all time. Even after the early death of the console in 2001, com... [...]

[download...] subsection- the sterios playing your relaxing in your bed. The lyrics are flowing in one ear and out the other " I’m ... [...]

get it if you like: firefox AK, emmon, sara berg. MyPark: 1,492 plays 112 listeners . fucking amazing. and unkown apparently. download [...]

get it if you like: god is an astronaut, té, mogwai. linda martini is a portuguese post-rock band, and a very good one. right now i can vag... [...]

[download...] Five years later, the band have resurfaced with their long (and do I mean long) awaited new album, Miss Machine , and not onl... [...]

[download...] We Be The Echo is a progressive instrumental rock band from San Francisco. They play a unique blend of math rock, punk, jazz ... [...]

Njiqahdda are a Psychedelic Ambient Black Metal duo that immediately caught my attention with their unusual band name and album/song titles... [...]

get it if you like: mike patton, rebeka del rio, björk. juan pablo villa is a mexican composer and musician who centers his work on vocal i... [...]

New album from my arguably favoritest metal band, Misery Index. If you've never listened to Misery Index before, they play an evenly di... [...]

get it if you like: funker vogt, velvet acid christ, :wumpscut:. hocico is a popular industrial/ebm band from mexico, formed in 1993 hocico... [...]

[download...] So much has been put into the hardcore metal scene. Some like it, some despise it. But here and there, a band will come into... [...]

get it if you like: meh, don't get it. link removed because jose mauricio is a butthurt faggot who should've asked the right person... [...]

C86 is a cassette compilation released by the British music magazine NME in 1986, featuring new bands licensed from independent labels of th... [...]

ABSTRACT RUDE 1st hit the Los Angeles music scene back in ‘93 as a young teenager with an old soul. Longtime member of dance crew TRIBE UNI... [...]

get it if you like: endymion, meagashira, dark invaders. Moleculez is a Hamburg based Doomcore and Hardcore producer. He has been constantl... [...]

downy is a japanese band often classified under the genres and sub-genres of post-rock, ambient, post-metal, shoegaze, sludge, and doom me... [...]

The debut of the always enjoyable Euphone , this album is an exercise in instrumental goodness within the realm of jazz influences, with som... [...]

Caïna is Andrew Curtis-Brignell's musical outlet. His second full length, Mourner, was created in the hope that it would connect with t... [...]