i've been meaning to post some more Schnittke for a while; judging by the downloads, the Concerto Grosso piqued some interest... or th... [...]

[download...] Patagonian Rats is the second full length EP from the Cali based math rock trio, Tera Melos. They've always been known f... [...]

only 'ep' ever released by solo morrissey. it's actually really just a single but at the end of the last track (also the best t... [...]

'Ethiopiques' is a compilation series, with each album featuring tracks released during the 60s and 70s in Ethiopia - this double... [...]

too lazy to write anything more than "this is pretty good". °~° [...]

look at that cover; you know this is some twee shit. not usually my thing, but i saw these ladies open up an acoustic set by X in Los Fel... [...]

it's been ages since i posted any black metal and this is a good album to start doing it again. i read people call this "orthodox b... [...]

Como, a small town in the heart of Mississippi, is a place where gospel lives and breathes. This album, a collection of acapella gospel s... [...]

[download...] Perch Patchwork is M&A 's most universal record yet. They play an almost psychedelic form of toe tapping mathfolk. Da... [...]

i don't usually listen to this kind of music but i like these guys ever since i got a couple of singles and EPs last year during a waffl... [...]

9 Planets is an unsigned Canadian dude who specializes in analog-based lo-fi beat production. Nothing about his sound is clean and he isn&... [...]

Dublin's All City crew delivers the goods once again with Keepthafunkalive , a new EP from electronic beat maker d evonwho . A great pi... [...]

This is a bizarre and relentless opera-as the surreal title implies, more dream than drama. The first train episode, over 20 minutes long, ... [...]

[download...] (192kbps/44:04/60MB) [will upload higher bitrate if requested.] I never considered myself a fan of screamo. Thrash metal, ma... [...]

[download...] Damn, I'm taking a break from posting wobbles for a few weeks. When someone I know is interested in dubstep, I usually ... [...]

one of the first non-witch house acts to be associated with witch house finally releases their debut EP on tri angle records, that dude from... [...]

told you i was bringing sexy back. nite jewel is poppy new weird america-style music, pretty good imo. get it if you liked geneva jacuzzi o... [...]

[download...] (320kbps/39:30/90mb) I don't know much about hiphop, and I know a lot less about noise, but I know Food for Animals is m... [...]

M‌‌os‌qu‌it‌o con‌tr‌ol is the first release from I‌si‌s. Like most other albums by I‌si‌s, this is largely a concept album. If you have a... [...]

One of the primary factors in determining an album’s greatness is evident in how well it ages. How does it hold up to repeated listens? In ... [...]

Rock + Classical... The only band to boast a rehearsal schedule of 6 hours, minimum! If you need to tune the world out or embrace the rays ... [...]

It's ja-a-a-a-zz folks, but not as we know it. How could it be when it's Burnt Friedman and Atom™ setting the controls for the dysl... [...]

One of my favorite artists of all time, I've been listening to Justin K. Broadrick's music since the early 90's (yes I'm a... [...]

I don't really understand how some can skip over this, but I've had 3 people email me with requests this week, without knowing what ... [...]

[download...] (v2?/42:37/71MB) Classics in one word: Triumphant. Probably my favorite from the Ratatat discography, and the only one th... [...]