I really really like this album. It's fairly standard anti-folk really, but he pulls it off so well, and his voice is kinda really cool.... [...]

similar artists: sneaker pimps, placebo, muse. president was the third single from IAMX's second album, the alternative . IAMX is the s... [...]

similar artists: placebo, sneaker pimps, robots in disguise. spit it out was the first single to be released from IAMX's second album, ... [...]

Dirty Three , as beautiful and melodic as I've ever heard them. Mostly slow and melancholy instrumental music with superb violin, and th... [...]

similar artists: sneaker pimps, placebo, robots in disguise. iamx is the solo project of chris corner, formerly of sneaker pimps. nightlife... [...]

similar artists: squarepusher, autechre, plaid. analord is a series of EPs released by richard d james. this, the first of the analord rele... [...]

[download...] Similar Artists : Jesu, Envy, Pelican Recommended Tracks : Tu As Fait De Moi Un Homme Meilleur, Les Mains De L'Empereur... [...]

[download...] Similar Artists : Norma Jean, Converge, Botch Recommended Tracks : Long Nights Short Fuses, Midas in Reverse, A Social ... [...]

similar artists: aphex twin, squarepusher, autechre. analord is a series of EPs released by richard d james under the name AFX. download [...]

Very unique album. Jazzy as hell. Great electronic beats. Melodic piano. Some good vocals. Ambient moments. Recommended. Sounds like... [...]

similar artists: lords of acid, atari teenage riot, ec8or. i never knew much about ultraviolence but i love this record. i used to listen ... [...]

The full title of the album is "Even If The Proletariat Takes The Power Into Its Own Hands, The Spring Will Be Left For Us, And The Ai... [...]

Intensely pleasing ambient music, composed by Adam Wiltzie from Stars of the Lid and Bobby Donne from Labradford. Atmospheric and completel... [...]

similar artists: skunk anansie, the smashing pumpkins, the cardigans. i love this album. a great pop album from one of the best "alter... [...]

Essential album for any hip-hop and/or turntablism fan. Shitload of featured MCs and DJs. "Tale Of Five Cities" is an epic mother... [...]

This Heat were an experimental British rock band widely considered a missing link between progressive rock (especially krautrock ) and suc... [...]

Scrabbel was formed in 1999 by two old high school friends Dan Lee and Becky Barron. On the strength of their debut show in 2000 at a sold ... [...]

Milo went to college, and ALL was born. Rather than quietly lay down their tools and fade into legend, Bill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton and ... [...]

similar artists: orgy, deadsy, the anix. a band formed by members of orgy (who seem to be in a indefinite hiatus), julien-k releases kick ... [...]

Retrospective compilation album from DFD. Unreleased material and a re-recording of an early EP. download [...]

Menomena has interesting instrumentation, good percussion, and quite a knack for a melodic groove. This album predates I Am the Fun Blame ... [...]

Lynx is an instrumental band often described as "math rock," that features Dave Konopka who later joined Battles. They are simil... [...]

[download...] A dubstep producer from Northern Ireland. Pretty much the sole torch-carrier for the Northern Irish dubstep scene, Barry Ly... [...]

similar artists: ratatat, death from above, battles. read those similar artists, holy shit this is good. drums + bass + effect pedals = mi... [...]

Barcode Recordings hits us again with a hard as fuck release from a few of the top artists in the darkstep scene. Nothing but deep, roaring ... [...]

The Chilean Delano teams up with one of Brooklyn's finest to create the most banging minimal techno release of this year so far. "... [...]

Straight out of one of the leading techno labels, Cocoon Recordings, comes one of Phil's best releases so far. With his signature out o... [...]

Straight from the Obliterati sublabel of the monster Ohm Resistance comes this disturbing EP full of dark and twisted samples, distorted re... [...]

Beautiful electronic ambient album that makes you feel like you're in some sort of underground cave with water surrounding you. I recom... [...]

Awesome electronic post-rock, rather emotional as well. One of my favourite releases this year. download [...]