we don't talk about it. GHOZTZ [...]

last post of stuff i saw at mtymx. this girl's live show is pretty good, i recommend you go see her. cute [...]

7" via not not fun. came out in like january i think. really good hazy tropicalia dub chill relaxo shit. give it a listen, only 2 track... [...]

Math-rocky post-rock with intermittent screams. This is only 3 tracks long, so fucking download it. This is the end of this post. Download... [...]

yet another band i saw at mtymx broskis, lemonade are a trio of dudes playing a ancomeetscutcopykindof electronic music that incorporates st... [...]

another band i saw at mtymx, ratas del vaticano is a monterrey, mexico punk band. similar to los margaritos (a band i'll try to post lat... [...]

From Last.FM: "///▲▲▲\\\ is an Australian artist part of the emerging Witch House scene. The dark magic he calls music often contains i... [...]

Posting this because I saw Massive Attack last night and they pretty much made me cream my pants. This is a collection of songs that MA ha... [...]

there is proper album art to this but i couldn't find a decent size. kania tieffer is a girl who makes electro-experimental music. this ... [...]

this is a cd-r full of untitled demos by washed out available for sale on his live shows. some songs are reaaaally different from his other ... [...]

i haven't even listened to this yet, but here it is, brand new pocahaunted. enjoy bros and check the other pocahaunted posts. i'm s... [...]

now, this is something unique. this 60s psych album delivers one of the most interesting acts of the 60s, and quite possibly ever. sometime... [...]

I have no idea how I haven't heard of these guys before, they make awesome electronic/instrumental hip-hop and they've put all the... [...]

Leak from Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip is here. I didn't even know there was going to be one until just recently, but I'm fucking l... [...]

i'm not exactly sure where this came from, maybe a second cd on a sisterworld special edition? this is pretty good, i liked it almost as... [...]

god damn this album is awesome, it sounds like 90s chill balearic dance, the album cover really describes the way this record sounds. chill ... [...]

[download...] fix'd/stolen Great golly gosh, how long's it been? This is a big album for DEP. New drummer, back from a 3 year bre... [...]

[download...] fix'd/stolen Hell Songs was great, but it was lacking something. The music is chaotic enough. The vocals are obscure enou... [...]