Cool band. Similar Artists: Jawbox, Shiner, The Dismemberment Plan, Small Brown Bike, Hot Water Music Download [...]

Formed in January 2007, Tombs is a collaboration between Mike Hill, bassist Dominic Seita (ex-Speedloader) and drummer Justin Ennis (ex-The... [...]

similar artists: modulate, reaper, xotox. download [...]

okai, we continue with the remixes, this time with the ting tings. the third single from we started nothing is out and is called shut up ... [...]

klaxons are a psychedelic-pop band from england well known around europe. deeply influenced by 80's to 90's electronic music scene... [...]

the shock of the lightning is the first single from oasis's long awaited dig out your soul the band's seventh album. okai, but wh... [...]

similar artists: mogwai, sigur ros, explosionsinthesky. new music from jesu. similar to their 2006 EP silver and their half of the envy sp... [...]

this moscow based russian trio gives a fresh touch to the 8-bit scenario, poppy melodies and happy synths are the constant from this indep... [...]

[download...] similar artists: Converge, Botch, Meshuggah People know what to expect with The Dillinger Escape Plan. Oh sure the New Je... [...]

the robotic feeling from past the faint albums is still printed on this new album, but in fact it's a little bit slower. awaited and an... [...]

similar artists: i seriously can't think of any. dolphin (aka Дельфин, Del'fin) was once part of Мальчишник, a successful russian ... [...]

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[download...] sounds like: By The End of Tonight, Piglet, Maps & Atlases recommended tracks: Melody 06, Melody 02 Roseville, CA’s Ter... [...]

synth pop with a different feeling, you've heard all the electro pop that is around, and this is exactly what you get in this album, b... [...]

one of the greatest works from iceland's proud. This ep was sold during the 2001 sigur rós europe tour, and it was limited to 1000 c... [...]

boys noize records brings us this special ep from the cote d'azur duo, hard bass lines and heavy melodies, still catchy. this three t... [...]

the band from brighton, england brings us their third studio album to be on stores on september 16. recommended track: dishwasher simil... [...]

similar artists: the birthday massacre, queen adreena, kidneythieves. scarling. is a rock band from los angeles. drawing influences from t... [...]

ANDIE'S HEARTBEATS ! similar artists: gravy train!!!!, crystal castles, dead disco, simian mobile disco DOWNLOAD ! [...]

[download...] Sounds like: Adem, Deer Tick, A Weather Matsson released a self-titled five-song EP in 2007; Shallow Graves is his full-... [...]

Similar Artists: raison d'être, Lustmord, Coil This is an essential album to all fans of ambient. The music in this album is the equiv... [...]

similar artists: kap bambino, freezepop, alice in videoland. one of mexico's finest electronic outfits. featuring emilio acevedo from r... [...]

[download...] For a band that are only just rising to prominence and are all relatively young (mid-twenties) Cave In have released an awf... [...]

[download...] The first band that comes to mind when I hear 'metalcore' is the name Botch. Why? Because they are one band that i... [...]

GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE - Now here’s a real sludgehammer from the Czech Republic. Their down-tuned, delirious, and furious use of hardcore bu... [...]

similar artists: atari teenage riot, rabbit junk, nine inch nails. error is atticus ross (nin), brett gurewitz (bad religion) and leopold ... [...]

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albinobeach, an instrumental post-rock trio hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, have released their long-awaited debut self-titled EP... [...]

A big noise in their native Iceland, We Made God deserve a wider audience for their self-financed self-released debut. Referencing the o... [...]

Sorry for the low res. album cover, I searched high and low and it was the best I could find. Genres: alternative rock, soul rock, hard r... [...]

2 EPs x 1 TODOS ESTÁN BIEN? TODOS TIENEN PIEL? similar artists: xbxrx, 2mf+v, the locust, maniqui lazer, x=r7 download right here. [...]