Joyless & Urfaust - Joyless / Urfaust Split (2009)

this 7" has been out for a while, includes new tracks from norway's joyless and netherland's urfaust. urfaust's track is amazing. soooo, soooo good. enjoy.

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  1. cover is classy. looks good at the top of the page.

  2. Haven't heard this yet because I've been listening to this instead - . You guys should totally post it.

  3. OK this is pretty damn epic.

  4. jc says:

    the guy from pretty much amazing is a huge huge huuuuuge faggot.

  5. Mace Hane says:

    Excellent stuff. Urfaust especially are something else. I've been wanting to try and get something by a band called Cottonmouth Rocks for ages, firstly as they sound fucking amazing and secondly 'cause they remind me of the super-special first two albums by Sleeping Dogs Wake, 'Understanding', and 'Threnody'.
    These Urfaust tracks also brought SDW to mind.
    Brilliant music, thanks.

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