Wow, this is amazing. Coming from DHint's recommendation, this might be the coolest piece of psychedelia I hadn't heard before. I ho... [...]

Everyone's heard the title track from this soundtrack. You're humming it to yourself right now, don't even fucking deny it. Eve... [...]

This is a recording of the great tenor sax player Stan Getz and his band, performing live with the wonderful bossa nova singer Astrud Gilber... [...]

This one shouldn't take a lot of explanation. Classic bop recordings + the Wu-Tang Clan? Yes please. This is one of those rare mash-u... [...]

so everyone is finally getting a wind of SOPA (thanks Ford!) and the blackout date is today. We aren't doing that because of several r... [...]

Funky 8-bit remixes of a couple songs from Guerro, by some of the same people that did the Hell Yes remix on Guerolito. Tight, dancey game... [...]

Fnessnej is a five piece instrumental group from Germany. That's the easy part to describe. What do they play? Some sort of crowded, c... [...]

Detektivbyrån , meaning "The Detective Agency", is a folky, electronica-y group from Sweden. Immediately recognizable due to the... [...]