I'm currently really loving this album. It's very interesting and very good. I don't know what else to say. Just check it o... [...]

The Lost Riots EPs British indie with post-rock aspirations. This is their first and best LP, released shortly after their guitarist kill... [...]

Math rock and I don't get along. I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the few people in the world who hated "Mirrors" by B... [...]

From the new album, coming mid-April. More Like: Les George Leningrad covering Crystal Castles download (thanks JC, I tried like five t... [...]

[download...] While the passionate scream-driven songs are long gone, the passion inherent in As Cities Burn’s music is still here. Cody ... [...]

Beautiful alternative rock/emo music. I don't really feel like elaborating, I didn't get a hell of a lot of sleep last night and my... [...]

bjork's best album ever. also one of the best albums ever. includes hyperballad , one of the best songs ever. and army of me , which is... [...]

i was 8 when this album came out and remember watching the video for big time sensuality all the time on tv, now i can't remember if it... [...]

An extremely unique album of sampled bicycle sounds by a couple of chicago musicians/sound artists. This pic is their live setup. Download ... [...]

ohmygodohmygodohmygod. finally. they finally produced a new album. It has been too damn long. This album is more progressive and less post-... [...]

get it if you like: amesoeurs, the cure, joy division. troll band? real project? i don't really care because the music is too good, aw... [...]

There's not much to say about this album. Ambient, instrumental, contemporary/modern/neo-classical music by a japanese composer who is ... [...]

Cybotron was an Australian duo that formed a decade before the Detroit band of the same name, and they should have been the most influentia... [...]

An instrumental surf rock band from Alabama whose name is Japanese for "giant monster". The band members all wear masks onstage, ... [...]

Instrumental power/thrash/progressive metal with lots of guitar noodling. I'm not sure how else I can describe this album. If the cover... [...]

Shapiro formed in the year 2003 in the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The band consists of brothers John (drums & bgvs) and Nathan Gra... [...]

röyksopp's new album has been described as a mix between the styles of the two previous studio albums, melody A.M. and the understanding... [...]

A Wilhelm Scream is a punk rock / melodic hardcore band from New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States. Their name is a reference to the W... [...]

This is the first solo release from the New Zealand musician Liam Finn. It's sort of a combination of folk, indie-rock, and pop, and i... [...]

Bo Burnham is a cocky 18 year old kid who took a page out of Stephen Lynch's book and scribbled more dirty jokes in the margins. Some of... [...]

[download...] Architects sophomore effort is an impressive release. The band retain all the qualities that made their debut so entertainin... [...]

First Second Baroness is sludgy and twangy and great. This is their first two EPs, which have a different sound than their newer Red Alb... [...]

download Bud Powell is one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. This record is from later on, when he was in poor health in just a... [...]

[download...] Capsule - based out of sunny Florida - is a hardcore band more along the lines of Angel Hair than many records on Deathwish ... [...]

Part of the skweee movement, because that's totally a real thing. Anyway, Eero Johannes' style has a distinct blend of delicately c... [...]

This album is so many different things at once, unlike many other shoegaze/electronic bands. Ever had a day where you wake up in a dream an... [...]

The Pax Cecilia are a tough band to describe. Their music incorporates elements of post rock, hardcore, metal, and classical, so it's s... [...]

This is the latest release from Man, Man. The "Viking-vaudeville, manic Gypsy jazz" band from Philadelphia, PA. It's really... [...]

A small band originally from Upstate NY. They blend elements of punk, and hardcore. This is the EP they put out in the summer of 2006. They&... [...]

I'm a little tipsy so forgive my brevity. Glen Porter is a trip-hop musician, he creates good music. The music on this album is good. Y... [...]

no album artwork My friend Reuben asked me to put this up here, it's his band, which he assures me doesn't usually sound like this, ... [...]

get it if you like: bauhaus, cocteau twins, my bloody valentine. it's finally here. amesoeurs debut (and likely last) album. amazing mi... [...]

The Lord Weird Slough Feg (recently shortened to just "Slough Feg") is a band from Pennsylvania that plays a fairly unique brand ... [...]

Abteilung 409 (Also known as Abt.409 and ABT|I|I|I|I|409) was a Swiss rock band primarily active in the eighties. Their music shifts from ea... [...]

For fans of: Tenacious D, metal, scatological humor A concept album of sorts that deals with the production of a mysterious substance call... [...]