This has been in-the-making for a little over a while now. 22-track double album, a gem really; can't say we get many of those anymore... [...]

walt mink formed in 1989 and split in 1997, only having one or two appearances since then. this is a live recording of their last show in ... [...]

an usually overlooked album (surprisingly so too, this was the first breath of life that the mount eerie project took right after the moni... [...]

sensational songwriters with an aptitude for lyrical & musical dexterity that sends chill down any spine. very good conceptual placem... [...]

what a strangely appealing album. chad vangaalen has dabbled in some interesting sounds here. make no mistake, this is a folk-founded reco... [...]

the first time i heard about this band was on, the forums to be specific. i thought not much of it, except they had a fancy name -... [...]

Shimmering, unrelenting, cosmic, blistering, powerful, soothing, hypnotic, dreamlike, pure and loving noise and feedback with beautiful melo... [...]

This is far from anything I would ever usually listen to, but a friend of mine laid the unusually addicting video for Call Your Girlfriend ... [...]

More good ol' melodic instrumental from the men who brought you the lovely and talented Migration. Essentially sweet guitar melodies fo... [...]

very good shoegaze record from San Fransisco (by way of NZ/NYC) outfit Tamaryn. i don't really even like 'gaze but this record i... [...]