Alcest & Les Discrets - Alcest / Les Discrets Split (2009)

seems like every couple of weeks this blog dies for a couple of days until i post again and remind the rest of the team we exist and we have to keep on posting music. it's kind of annoying really.

here's a new split from former amesoeurs members, neige (alcest) and fursy (les discrets). 2 new alcest tracks and 3 by les discrets. alcest's new songs are very very similar to amesoeurs minus audrey (the girl) and the les discrets songs are more on the shoegaze/dreampop side of blackwave. still pretty fucking good. nice to hear these bros releasing more awesome music that is equally dark and pretty. perfect for this cold winter too.

PS. i just realized there are no other alcest or les discrets posts on the blog, if you'd like to see those/more blackwave posted leave a comment.

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  1. Mace Hane says:

    Really Nice, particularly Les Discrets.
    Again, new to me, and again, many thanks. So yeah, more stuff in a similar vein would be good.

  2. jc says:

    ok so seems like this is les discrets first release ever, thought i had something else by him but i don't, must've listened to demos or something on myspace.

    more alcest/blackwave coming up tho.

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