goodbye 2009 you were a terrible year (not for music tho) [well kind of] [...]

The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed was a bunch of songs the band distributed to friends and family in 2001, literally by burning CDR copies... [...]

almost a year ago i posted an EP by a band called andromeda vs icarus , since then the band changed their name and style and got a new band ... [...]

So I meant to post this ages ago, before it came out actually, because I had uploaded it for a friend. I just remembered it now, so here you... [...]

Super-awesome folk acoustic-based music from Aaron Ross. He is apparently the singer for the band Hella which you might have heard. This alb... [...]

I'm kinda strung out/have a headache right now so I'm not going to go into great detail about this album. It's in the category o... [...]

[download...] So, Emery decided to drop the catchy electro-pop bullshit and play GOOD post-hardcore? Sign me up. what the fuck is wrong with... [...]

This is a leak of the upcoming 2010 Yeasayer LP entitled Odd Blood. It is much less psychedelic/folky than All Hour Cymbals and more pop ori... [...]

Phitts posted the Heliocentrics album a long time ago and anything related to Malcom Catto is bound to be sick. When I discovered that Mulat... [...]

from "Bear in Heaven is a Brooklyn-based rock band formed by Jon Philpot. The sound of the band incorporates influences from p... [...]

First of all, no, this release has nothing to do with the Beatles so don't discard it because of the resemblance in the name. Second, Ca... [...]

After thoroughly enjoying Satellite on ATL RMX , I took it upon myself to check out B.O.B. Hooooly shit. This album had me at first listen. ... [...]

So this leaked yesterday, and I downloaded a copy, eager to listen because I hadn't yet ordered it. It came out officially today, so go... [...]

so lately i've been in the mood for nice catchy music to sing along to and while checking out some stuff on dublab i stumbled upon these... [...]

another old telepathe EP, very similar to the previous one i posted maybe a bit more psychedelic. download PS. i usually wouldn't do thi... [...]

[download...] A Forest Of Polarity expands on the bands already impressive sound by adding layers of acoustic guitars, horns, strings and p... [...]

[download...] FUCK YEAH TOE 5 Song EP by the Japanese mathrock geniuses. so where the hell did puxel go? he moved to Vail, Colorado and he j... [...]

Fucking awesome technical thrash from Switzerland. This and "Mental Vortex" are considered their best albums, but I prefer "N... [...]