i love telepathe so i'm posting more telepathe. this was their third release, a 12" with a couple of more experimetal tracks + remi... [...]

Requested upload. Dan Corgi of Enema Logic describes this as "Melodic Death Metal", which misses the point of Death Metal if you ... [...]

One of THE experimental bands, as far as I'm concerned. This is one of the first of their scores of albums. Their output is so divers... [...]

Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats tearing it up with a big band behind him. Classic tunes with good arrangments, which make dated music sound... [...]

LINK REMOVED BY REQUEST PS. ben posted a link to a sleigh bells vs lil wayne mash-up on the comments, get that. [...]

fuck i love this. it's like chaos royale meets telepathe or some shit. not much more to say but GET IT NOW. download PS. the dude wa... [...]

Ok so I was a little hesitant about posting these since dublab is a non-profit internet radio station and they are the fucking best at wha... [...]

Instrumental with beautiful melodies abound, great drumming, a violin and cello in the mix, among other sounds. These are personally cool g... [...]

last rainbow arabia post got a lot of dls and some people told me they liked them a lot so i thought i'd post another release by them, t... [...]

kind of dylan-esque indie folk rock album. one really good song (i wanna be ignored) and the rest are just pretty sweet. i know 'dylan-e... [...]

And the award for least probable reunion of 2009 goes to... Yes, I bet those of you who hit puberty in the 90s never expected to hear from ... [...]

i bring yall more hipster-hop! amanda blank is a skinny white female rapper from philly. her sound is kiiiind of similar to kid sister tho t... [...]

The usual quality expected of Junkboy , a smorgasbord of chilled out beauty on a variety of instruments, with some light vocals. Very recom... [...]

Dextro's album "Winded" can be likened to a Van Gogh painting. The colors in a Van Gogh painting are often light. The combina... [...]

Meatjack is a punk influenced sludge band. Their music is aggressive and punctuated, with juxtaposed elegance. Not too harsh, not too tame.... [...]

cool experimental rock band from austin, TX. the link is to their website where you'll find a link to download the mp3 version of the de... [...]

Are you familiar with the saying "a picture is worth 1000 words?" Well, in this case the statement holds true. The album cover is... [...]

This is just... unbelievably chilled out. Evoking moments of Dirty Three's mystical sound, and not only with the violin (Windy Lands, J... [...]

description from the place i got this: "Unique 2009 live release from the Japanese Noise makers. These days, Melt-Banana performs some ... [...]

teehee. a tit. download [...]

From Greensleeves website: Back in mid 90's, Jungle music was the order of the day, and Greensleeves released 2 sets of 'Ragga Jungl... [...]

If California -era Mr. Bungle were an instrumental rock group, they would sound a bit like Estradasphere. The band has described their song... [...]

So Pitchfork's already kicked off the End-Of-Decade frenzy, and I expect to see two dozen threads a day in /mu/ 'til March 2010. So... [...]