Terakaft is a band from Africa who play a genre of music known as desert blues. The music is highly reflective of the African culture and a... [...]

really good, underrated post-rock heavily tinged with progressive metal. just get it fag Download & Post A Motherfucking Comment Bi... [...]

For the fans of this awesome tropical drone or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, here's an old ass demo cassette that came out in ve... [...]

Part ecstatic, noisy, experimental instrumental; part chilled electronic sounds; all with a busy rhythm section. Closer to Chrome than thei... [...]

new AIDS wolf. this shit's gonna make your ears bleed. and look at these guys. do you think the girl let her pubes grow for that photos... [...]

I know it's old news (31 years old news), but I've been really digging No Wave again, so I thought this record merited a good V0 pos... [...]

If you're into electronic dance music even in the slightest bit, you've probably heard about dubstep one way or another. This fa... [...]

first mp3 leak from this new highly bloggable indie band formed by HRO's carles and novelist/poet tao lin, author of shoplifting from am... [...]

new jesu. and it's....well, ok. people who haven't listened to a lot of jesu will like this way more than those who've been list... [...]

You're probably thinking, "wait, this isn't supposed to come out for a few more months!" Actually, no one is thinking tha... [...]

"When the universe ends, it will sound like Escape From Noise. You and I and perhaps the human race will almost certainly been long w... [...]

[download...] Axe To Fall was self-produced by Kurt Ballou (Jane Doe, You Fail Me, Torche's Meanderthal). Packed full of guest musicia... [...]

[download...] The Safety Fire take to the stage in a maelstrom of arms, guitars and well-conditioned hair. The Sections EP is a twenty mi... [...]