Sounds like J Dilla. Blogs call it post-Dilla stuff . People in real-life call it timeless. It's deceptively simple-sounding. Instrume... [...]

exciting release from punk-ish outfit The Men. despite the Ramones name check, hard to peg them as just punk, or hardcore, or post-punk, o... [...]

This record combines the four-on-the-floor dance shuffle of techno with the simplistic, yet dark appeal of dubstep. Moderat is what you wou... [...]

Music that sounds like a film. You'll hear orchestral drones, whispering strings, floating synths, washed-out choir samples, manipulate... [...]

cLOUDDEAD is a super hip-hop group c0mposed of Why? , Doseone and Odd Nosdam. It's always been considered to be a side-project. They ra... [...]

Slow-motion dubstep. Think lazy Sunday afternoon dance floor shuffle slowed down to a ridiculous 72 BPM crawl. The title track may be a ref... [...]

Burial, you've definitely heard of him. A lot of people thought he was Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) or Norman Cook (Fatboyslim) for a ... [...]

A WFLM exclusive. The most comprehensive collection of Jamie xx tracks and remixes to date! 9 remixes and 2 originals to be exact. As Jami... [...]

This is an EP. 22 minutes. Released via Tri Angle Records. Tri Angle Records is home to Balam Acab , oOoOO, Clams Casino and others. After ... [...]

best nz release of the year so far. really timeless/location-less. soooo good. pay for this shit if you can. artist's description: My na... [...]