some broski from the group requested this, enjoy the spooky strings gimme some of dat blood, girl [...]

AIRHORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brainfeeder's most blunted on the map, Ras G, comes up with a new EP of full blown bass, blunts and beats. ... [...]

get it if you like: skywave, astrobrite, a place to bury strangers. hyper fuzzy shoegaze band from austin tx, this is their debut EP release... [...]

Slouch is another trip-hop artist who has slipped under the radar while artists that are not as good get plenty of attention. This album is ... [...]

another one of my fav albums of 2009. screen vinyl image features members of alcian blue and skywave but these dudes add synths and dance-is... [...]

Sporto Kantes is a really weird band. Really weird but really awesome at the same time. From "The band has born from the meeti... [...]

rin toshite shigure is a japanese rock trio. most of the internet likes to call this great band post-hardcore but i just can't. sure the... [...]

Awwww yeah ride that wave Jesus! This is a fucking awesome surf rock tribute to that old musical "Jesus Christ Superstar". It is b... [...]

AWWWW JEEEAAAA THEY'RE BACK. After an 8 years hiatus they're back with a new album full of crazy shit to make you trip balls to whet... [...]

Fans of glitch rejoice! This album will satisfy your needs. And if you're ALSO a fan of hip-hop beats then you'll cum buckets with t... [...]

late night music with a hint of static noise in the background. phased drums and tingly guitars that will sooth you whether you want it or n... [...]

Perhaps the most underrated album of all time. Were it released by any other band it would be one of the most talked-about albums of the 80s... [...]

When I saw Alex had posted an earlier album I thought I may as well post their newest. Basically read his description and shit. It's goo... [...]

Harsh, terrifying, dissonant, industrial...hip-hop. Dälek is a New Jersey duo that mix deft rhymes and scathing social commentary with shoe... [...]

A whirlwind of instrumental jazziness, funk, and hip-hop, with little thematic interludes. Recommended. LinkList. [...]

Memorable vocals, bass heavy, laden with grooviness, and overflowing with a literally audible fucking love for music. I was reluctant to po... [...]

Dif Juz was an influential, primarily instrumental, British group that created uniquely atmospheric effects-laden music with dynamic emotion... [...]

When I first posted a Nisennenmondai album several months ago, the band were virtually nonexistent. A few diehard fans on /mu/, an appearanc... [...]

i got this album a couple of months ago while i was raping my ratio at waffles and didn't pay much attention to it until recently when i... [...]

Yume Bitsu (drum beats in Japanese) play psychedelic post-rock. That's the best way I can describe it anyway. There is a lot of intensit... [...]

Finally, finally it leaked. Well, it leaked yesterday to be honest but I got baked and forgot about posting. There's still a healthy do... [...]

From Exile has a new single from their upcoming album out. This is a great thing. Eric Guenther has a compositional wanderlust that rarely ... [...]

NICARAGUA REPRESENT local band from my city with an "all star" crew of different artists from some of the best bands to ever come ... [...]

don't really know who this guy is but this album could be tagged as either trip-hop or just instrumental hip-hop, or even both, dependin... [...]

spanish dude makes some crazy merry psychedelic stuff, this cd-r is from his recent tour and apparently the record label wants everyone to h... [...]

calexico is a band from tucson, arizona mislabeled by pretty much everyone ever as an "indie-rock" band. their music is more of a ... [...]

hypnotizing beats resembling Ras G's style, crazy sounds and some eerie movie samples from god knows what movie. the opening song is a k... [...]