This is a little compilation I made for my own amusement. I guess you guys can download it too if you want, or whatever. When playing live, ... [...]

Download Japanese club jazz. One member does nothing but smoke a cigar and walk around the band gesturing wildly and screaming to get the... [...]

Misinterprotato was a local Structural Jazz band from a few years back. They put out a few albums, played a bunch of shows, and then disap... [...]

Named after the infamous Nintendo accessory, Powerglove is an instrumental metal band from Boston that plays fantastic reinterpretations of... [...]

Get this if you like: Wavves, Eat Skull, Nothing People, Joy Division One man band that throws an old guitar and synthesizer together and... [...]

Long ttime readers mighttt recall tthatt ttttttttttttttttttttt's ttttttttttttttttttttt was tthe firstt ttittle postted on tthis blog. T... [...]

If Botch were a sludge metal band, they would probably sound something like Knut. This is mathcore that suffocates and crushes, so grab you... [...]

No I don't intend to inundate you with ADULT., but I hope to gradually share as many of their ridiculously unheard-of EPs as I can find.... [...]

Well, since I've already posted his other stuff, I decided I might as well just put all of it up here. This EP has a bit more of the... [...]

Pick this up if you like Venetian Snares, Duran Duran Duran, or anything that sounds remotely similar. Pretty awesome beats that get stuc... [...]

This was a band Elliot Smith was in before he began releasing his solo albums. He does vocals on some of the songs but not all of them. Th... [...]

get it if you like: alec empire, and err...awesome music. patrick's wolf new single, vulture , from the upcoming album the bachelor . ... [...]

(Domo Arigato DeeKay) After the cleverly named Ragged Rubble , Double Dagger tightened up their sound for the new album, (Balti-) More . Th... [...]

DECAMPMENT is a triptych of limited edition, 7" vinyls containing a partial score of the film of the same name. The music was played l... [...]

Get this if you like: Venetian Snares, DJ Sharpnel, anysort of break/speedcore Pretty crazy speedcore with samples from Die Hard and Happy ... [...]

This is a very melodic instrumental album long shared but never posted. Hyakkei deserves more appreciation though, and anyone who enjoys a ... [...]

I came across this band literally just a couple of days ago, but I'm really digging it so thought I'd post it here. Punky/Hardcore... [...]

There are two things that inevitably come up in any discussion about Arghoslent: how the band is widely held to be racist (or as they put it... [...]