Disregard the tracklist on the album art, here's the actual list: 1.Are You Holding 2.Mainline'n K4's 3.On The Nod 4.Smoke On Th... [...]

Inspired by the beat-tastic majesty of Aus ' original album, some other great electronic artists saw fit to remix it. In large part a lo... [...]

More fucking top-notch electronic from Aus . Mellow, mellifluous melodies; great percussion, as usual; and slow, chilled out tracks ass wel... [...]

Someone recommended this album to me recently, so I downloaded it and I was very impressed at first listen. Now, after having listened to it... [...]

[download...] Like a David Lynch film, Oxbow takes the listener through a potent show of skillfully rendered beauty, grisly hellishness and... [...]

Three cool dudes jamming up a storm of old-school psychedelia and stardust. Now, whether the latter element floated in from the outer reache... [...]

[download...] After abandoning their post as one of the upper echelon of Boston based 1990's metalcore bands to head in a more rock orie... [...]

[download...] Born of the ashes of seminal art thrashers Botch and Minneapolis punk heroes Kill Sadie, Seattle’s These Arms are Snakes are f... [...]

Download (fixed) These guys are a bit hard to describe, but lemme try: an indie alt-country jam-band that sounds consummately ol d and new ... [...]

I like last.fm's description, so I'm going to use it. Macha is an experimental post-rock band from Athens, Georgia comprised of bro... [...]

Jazz fusion/prog rock from Japan. Naikaku is like a more modern, heavier, less meandering Mahavishnu Orchestra, with a flutist instead of a... [...]

Electronic with chopped up, blood-soaked beats; sweet melodies; and airy ambience; in short: pretty badass. Includes some remixes from Gesk... [...]

An expanse of their style from their first album, Bows + Arrows has more forceful sounds and faster tempos (The Rat , Little House of Savage... [...]

Download For me, Anathallo pretty much represent what chamber pop should be. They sound a little like sufjan if he were 10 people at once. T... [...]

Over the next few days, I'm going to post some instrumental albums that I've been digging lately. The first is this lovely album by ... [...]

Workers are the latest in a long stream of little bands with Google-proof names to come out of nowhere and cause a minor blogosphere hernia.... [...]