Micachu & The Shapes - Jewellry (2009)

so lately i've been in the mood for nice catchy music to sing along to and while checking out some stuff on dublab i stumbled upon these guy's sprout session and fucking loved it. i immediatly proceeded to download their album and hell yeah this is awesome! micachu is an odd girl (who could easily pass for a young boy) with a real nice singing style and some quirky instrumentation and guitar tunings

boom boom dead, yeah you thought that it would last

as a bonus i've uploaded their dublab sprout session, it is composed of only 3 songs: Lips, Floor and Curly Teeth. all three are amazing live versions and the live version of Curly Teeth even has some extra lyrics at the end of it not on the original album version

thank you dublab

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  1. Unknown says:

    YES YES YES YES YES! I've been listening to these guys for months now, but thank you for posting so that others may experience weird joy.

  2. Telmo says:

    You missed a song. The album has 13 tracks (so says wikipedia) but there's only 12 there.

  3. firulais says:

    hmm you're right, this is supposed to be a promo copy of it (hence the 160kbps too) so maybe that's why it's missing the last track as well, as soon as i find a full version (with better quality as well) i'll post it up :)

  4. Telmo says:

    Good work, btw! Forgot to say, you guys are awesome :D

  5. Unknown says:

    oooooh... great stuff. Thanks.

  6. Jade* says:

    AMAZING!! It's the first time I listen to these guys and I must say... DAMN!

    Thanks for the upload BroBro (:
    U rock my socks ;)

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