Advertisded as Unknown , this actually is all the work of Joy Orbison, who recently switched to the more simplified monicker, Joy O . A-sid... [...]

an appropriate introduction to an excellent composer. coming from IRCAM (like Saariaho ), Stroppa uses multitracking/software/ electronics... [...]

for a west coast first ballot hall of fame beatmaker, Omid (aka OD) has managed to stay firmly under the radar. he galvanized and set the... [...]

Jackson & His Computer Band is Jackson Fourgeaud. He is from Paris. Right now, he is 32-years old and signed to Warp Records. Smash is... [...]

SBTRKT is big on collaboration. He totally sees himself as a producer and as far as we're concerned here at WFLM, why shouldn't he?... [...]

A two-track split featuring Rustie on the B-Side. "Mu5h" is an epic bleep bloop blorp symphony of sorts, complete with slow/stead... [...]

Tweedy vocal samples and bright synthesizer patches make this James Blake debut a straight heater. It was clear (even back in 2009) when Ja... [...]

20 minutes of heat. No fast-forwarding or skipping this time, (this one's a direct vinyl-rip.) Masterfully mixed with composition that ... [...]

Play this one by ear. Don't mind the gimmicky font or the hokey title. It's 80s-inspired synth-horror/grime/UK-based dubstep. In ca... [...]

Look at the artwork. Tell me it's not interesting. Siriusmo is Berlin-based DJ and producer Moritz Friedrich. He's been around (for... [...]

Greenwood Sharps is an upcoming beat-maker from somewhere in London. This is his first official release. On Things Familiar , you'll fi... [...]