get it if you like: hocico, the faint, skinny puppy. rabia sorda is the solo project from hocico's singer, erk. this is his new single,... [...]

get it if you like: ellen allien & apparat, AFX (kind of) from Booka Shade is a German electrohouse duo, made up of Walter Mer... [...]

get it if you like: anaal nathrakh, anorexia nervosa, genghis tron. i got this randomly from waffles' metal week (which totally sucked ... [...]

Cities vs. Submarines is described by railcars’ label as “a ten minute journey into Aria C. Jalali’s most vivid, reoccurring dreams. railca... [...]

As promised, I am uploading all Add N To (X) today and tomorrow. Thanks to JC for Vero Electronics. Avant Hard is the most unusual and my fa... [...]

Add N To (X)'s second album. Album art says it all. Download [...]

This is one of the earliest pieces of work that MBV released, I believe they had 2-3 EP's before this. It's a lot more faster paced ... [...]

get it if you like: cool weird music, metal machine music, gary numan. add n to (x)'s debut album from 1996 as requested by tropolist o... [...]

get it if you like: saltillo, emancipator. this was requested on the group like a month ago and i forgot about it lol. but now her... [...]

"Psychedelic Experimental Universe music. An instrumental concept album about the self, subjective experience, and the future of exist... [...]

get it if you like: nick cave and the bad seeds. another band that sent me their album to post on the blog, hollowblue are from italy and ... [...]

get it if you like: 2mf+v, loli ripe, breakcore, etc.. so this week i got a couple of e-mails from bands asking me to put their album on th... [...]

no no i like weird music i am pretty sure it's just that the first guy sampled that pinecone for almost an hour Kind of Like: ttttttttt... [...]

This is a good shoegaze/electronic album. The atmosphere some of the songs create is reminiscent of shoegazey A Shoreline Dream and some of... [...]

get it if you like: mogwai, lights out asia, god is an astronaut. it's been a long time since anyone posted any post-rock on the blog t... [...]

This is a pretty good folk/blues/whatever album that I picked up recently. Lucky Fonz III , born in 1981, is a Dutch singer-songwriter from... [...]

All aboard the leak merry-go-round. How many days ahead of release is this one? Like, six? I don't know. I don't even know why I... [...]

Sounds like black death moans from the bottom of the ocean. crackling sounds...driving over asphalt made of crushed human bone. drums and c... [...]

Download Desperate, churning drone metal by a (late) husband-and-wife team. It's melodic but noisy, and the textures often have shoeg... [...]

Download Japanese Chiptune with J-Pop vocals. Various songs on the albums mimic various other styles. This is hard music to explain, but ... [...]

Get this if you like : Guided by Voices, Blank Dogs, Meth Teeth, Sic Alps Some of the best lo-fi I've heard lately. The album isn'... [...]