[download...] Here in the present year of 2009, As Cities Burn is a completely new machine compared to when they burst onto the scene, pra... [...]

[download...] How Brighton’s Architects have managed to stand out from the suffocating crowd of metal / hardcore outfits influenced by Me... [...]

[download...] The Lie Lay Land mixes all of the above into a potent brew. Sure, the breakcore moments are few, and the glitchery remains ... [...]

get it if you like: the art of noise, etro anime, rob dougan. saltillo is the solo project of menton j matthews III, a multi-instrumentali... [...]

Pocahaunted are Bethany and Amanda. They live in Eagle Rock, California. They describe themselves as “the olsen twins of blissed out drone”.... [...]

The Italian trio of Jacopo Battaglia (drums), Massimo Pupillo (bass) and Luca T. Mai (saxophone) formed in 1999 after having worked together... [...]

get it if you like: sigur ros, radiohead. i saw this band opening for zoé back in 2004 while touring in support of their debut EP, donde lo... [...]

Possibly the best release (though it probably ties with a few of their other releases, which I may post later) from one of my favorite ban... [...]

[download...] Similar Artists: The Sound of Animals Fighting, The Fall of Troy Recommended Tracks: The Difference Between Medicine and Po... [...]

get it if you like: windir, falkenbach. folkish norwegian black metal. cor scorpii was founded by windir's former keyboardist after the... [...]

Crystal Castles unreleased tracks and demos fantastic stuff in here A LOT of people hate CC for stealing from the chiptune community I p... [...]

happy 29th birthday unpopular tripfag. this is my gift to you, hope you enjoy it. download [...]

This is the bonus disc to the previously posted leak of the 2009 Andrew Bird album "Noble Beast", which by the way, is great, and ... [...]

This an absolutely brilliant album from one of the best bands coming from my home town of Grand Rapids, MI. This is nearly flawless. If ... [...]