VA - Adult Swin and Beaterator present: ATL RMX (2009)

ok first thing you should know about this comp: you can get this for free at adult swim's website. just click here. second thing you should know: their link for the full album rarely works. sometimes the download starts and then out of nowhere stops and won't work for a while. and this is the reason i'm posting here, to provide a different download link. now that that's explained let me tell you about the music.

ATL RMX is a comp by adult swim that includes remixes of hip-hop acts (young jeezy, cee loo, lil jon, gucci mane, etc) by people like salem, HEALTH, flying lotus, memory tapes, drums of death, prefuse 73, el-P and others. in other words: this mixtape was made for fans of this blog. it is fucking amazing and i highly recommend it to anyone into any of the artists mentioned above.

PS. my link also includes a .m3u playlist with the tracks in order.

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  1. Thanks for upping your own link. I couldn't get it to work from AS. Can't wait to hear it.

  2. Unknown says:

    dude im tripping so hard right now, the waving flag outside my window is freaking me the fuck out, and im listening to this album. its fucking icing on the chill cake. fucking thank you so much i fucking love this blog.

  3. fuck yessssssssssssssssss

  4. wow. this looks hilariously awesome. Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, etc. hahahahhaha

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  6. good stuff, but track 12 on your rar is corrupt.

  7. jc says:

    r u sure sammy?

    anyone else has this problem? if you have you can get the single track from AS's site but i could reupload if needed. let me know.

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