This is one of my favorite albums from EST. If you're unfamiliar with them, they were a piano trio who played dynamic, spare, melodic ja... [...]

Chris Thile is lamentably still best-known for his work with his pop-bluegrass trio Nickel Creek, since he's been produced superior solo... [...]

This is a really excellent duo record from two of my favorite acoustic steel-string guitarists in the Candyrat stable. Andy Mckee has become... [...]

The Dancing Starts At 9, The Fighting Starts At 10 I've realized recently one of the underlying characteristics that has drawn me to qui... [...]

if you're familiar with A3 from their undeniably classic '97 country-acid-house album Exile On Coldharbour Lane (from which The Sopr... [...]

this is some bedroom black metal shit, unmastered and lo-fi as a motherfucker. that being said, it's actually pretty impressive that du... [...]

Nothing is sacred anymore. Everybody makes beats. Everyone's become a copycat and nobody tries to be different, it all just sounds the s... [...]