i'm going to post one pop album every day for the next week, hope most of you can enjoy quality music. this is roisin murphy's secon... [...]

This is the first instrumental LP by Tim Holland, aka Sole of Anticon fame. While his rapping is not for everyone, it is hard to deny... [...]

Funky, soulful music. It is very easy-going and implements use of the organ/synths/bass frequently. When I listen to this music I think of ... [...]

ok, so after a long period of hesitation, I finally decided to post this real treat of an album. i got little information about this at all... [...]

new album from sweden's jj. i liked a lot more than no. 2, which was a pretty cool album. that's all you need to know. download [...]

For anyone familiar with Kidcrash's 2007 album Jokes , you know that this band is something special. Playing a unique variety of hardcor... [...]

new the knife album in collaboration with mt sims and planningtorock, this is an opera based on charles darwin called tomorrow, in a year. ... [...]

Aw shit, 2 posts in a row, and I was just complaining about too many posts the other day. But fuck it, this is DANGER! Love this guy. He ... [...]

No-ones posted this yet so I guess I will, it's the latest album from every hipster's favourite minimal electronica/idm/ambient/do... [...]

Aparatec's music is a unique kind of IDM that is driven by mutated beats/breaks and dramatic synth string arrangements. Aparatec now pe... [...]

This is an un-official compilation of remixes done by Def Jux founder El-P, taken from various releases. Remixed artists include Beck, Nine... [...]

The saddest album ever made. Not really dark, not really poignant, not really a tearjerker. Just sad, like reading someone's diary. This... [...]

pure fucking love. the first four songs are pure perfection <3 download [...]

if there was ever a genre called prog-folk, it is going to have to go to these guys. and not only that, but if there were more, they certai... [...]

Scythian is a celtic rock band, but so much more than that. The music that they make can only be described as eclectic. I had the pleasure... [...]

Chilled out, groovy mixtape that combines many styles, from folk to reggae to Indian to Martin Luther King, while still keeping a great ai... [...]

latest release by swedish indie pop act el perro del mar, full of pretty and catchy tunes that will put you in a good mood. recommended for... [...]

"ZAZA is the name of a Brooklyn trio comprised of Danny Taylor (guitar/vocals/programming) Jennifer Fraser (bass/keyboards) and Kurt Fe... [...]

sweet noisy dream-pop-ish shoegaze with female vocals, reminds me a bit of kidneythieves (who btw are releasing a new album this year, woo),... [...]

Henry Cow are an obscure group of old guys that are nonetheless credited as the Godfathers of British Krautrock. I wouldn't have checked... [...]

cats and kittens, chicks and dudes!! a looooong time ago i posted an album by atlantis i'm sure not a lot of people got since the blog ... [...]

myspace Bobcrane is one of Ryan Huber’s three solo vehicles, the others being the soft/loud, guitar-bass-drums modal vibe of Vopat, and t... [...]

mostly considered to be the first true psychedelic album, it is no surprise that someone such as alan watts would be the one to create it. ... [...]

Electronic post-rock from the UK, with an emphasis on electronica. Layered cinematic guitars and digitally manipulated beats. RIYL: Pivot, ... [...]

Beats from on high. Diversity of sounds and styles, with hip hop, eastern influences, chilled out horns, some guitar, etc. Grooviness burs... [...]

J.G. Thirlwell is an interesting fellow. He got his start in the 80's as the industrial musician known as Foetus, but these days, most ... [...]

If you like Slint, Three Mile Pilot, or Enablers, make sure you listen to this. Vocals occasionally appear, but this album spends most of i... [...]

myspace Band from Austin, TX, featuring Slowride ’s former lead vocalist Dan Phillips on guitar and vocals, Nicole Estill on bass and voc... [...]