Transcending Bizarre? is an avant-garde black metal band from Greece. Their music is as the name suggests, bizarre. They combine elements of... [...]

this is such a nice album. good horns. this blog needs more DMST. If you really must have more after hearing this, there's a lot more o... [...]

kids with moustache is the musical project of mexican weirdo juan antonio lopez, the rest of andromeda is his debut EP and includes some swe... [...]

last album i'll post in a while. saw them live, good band. click on the picture of the kitten to download. [...]

jokes about doing drugs and getting fucked up mixed with insults to stuff. i uploaded this 3 weeks ago but i think this was released this ... [...]

never listened to this back when it came out so i got it last month to see if it was as good as odd blood and holy shit i regret missing 3 y... [...]

a friend recommended this i think, i couldn't give a shit tbh but i'm sure some of you will like it. so bored [...]

jesus it's been like 5 blogyears since i uploaded this i can't even remember what it sounds like but it must be good or else i would... [...]

i just realized i have a couple of albums on my upload folder i never posted cause my lappy broke :( here they are. tango 3.0 is gotan proje... [...]

[download...] [track eight...] In all honesty, the best way to describe the Notwist themselves is as an amalgam of all the different sounds ... [...]

[download...] [lp4 was down again...] Ratatat produces some pretty mean beats, with their signature style still intact. Shame, the album is ... [...]

[download...] With the release of Geneva Russian Circles have cemented themselves in the music community. Not quite post-metal, and not ... [...]