this is the 3rd collab between Shapeshifters alum Awolrus and Canadian producer Factor. the first two were good yet uneven efforts, but the... [...]

5-song EP of eastside LA indie pop from Caitlin Dwyer and Elliot Glass (the indie video director dude), aka Count Fleet. bouncy, 70s-style ... [...]

onesie is a pretty sweet band from auckland new zealand. it's two girls and they play instruments and sing, kinda. i really enjoy it, es... [...]

Grammar is a band from the DC area. Their tracks here are guitar-based, eminently danceable indie pop, with a bunch of other flavors. I hear... [...]

exactly what the album title says - 4 years of great Los Angeles music. there are over 100 songs here, so check the impressive tracklist . ... [...]

reissue of this landmark album from electronica-via-krautrock pioneers Cluster. innovative sound structures built from (often improvised) t... [...]

difficult to describe this excellent disc. Fever Ray meets Diplo? XX meets Adult.? much more beat oriented than your average experimental... [...]

very diverse soundtrack to existential flick Morvern Callar, with contributions from Can, Aphex Twin, Broadcast , Boards of Canada, VU, Ster... [...]

some pretty ass piano music from Lang Lang, who obviously can shred. it's the little things that do it for me, like the harmonies aroun... [...]

i'm a little late to this party. these guys wear their influences on their sleeves - Factory Records, Beach Boys, Pet Shop Boys. but w... [...]

4 tracks of motorific krautrock-y headnodders from SF's Moon duo, who drop their full-length later this month. less of a focus on ambie... [...]

dreamy soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's most recent film, which is pretty good if you like assassins, Spain, or ass-naked Paz de la Huerta. ... [...]

This is one of those artists that I don't know how I've missed out on over the years. A healthy dose of glitchy, creeped out hip h... [...]

A mix of tribal sounding percussion, sleepy synthesizers, and vocals that often sound like a female impersonation of Animal Collective. ... [...]

sherpa is a really sweet band. they played at i think the second gig i ever attended, and are (apart from the dhdfd's) the only band i r... [...]