Kid606 - Dance With the Chorizo EP (2009)

mmmmmmmmmmmadness! this new EP by the only decent venezuelan (raised in america obv) ever, kid606, is crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. seriously this shit is going to make you dance like a motherfucker. pretty good remixes and some new songs that will fuck you up when you listen with headphones at max volume (only way to fully enjoy it). time to become a man. even if you're a woman.

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  1. Is this worth listening to? I kinda stopped listening to Kid when he stopped doing anything remotely glitchy/noisy. But every time he puts something else out I think, "Maybe this one's actually good?"

  2. I'm up to the second song and I can tell you that it's absolutely worth clicking 2 link for.

  3. hey man chavez is a good venezuelan

  4. Lee says:

    I am drunk and about to go to bed, but I love Kid606 and read your description, Fuck you, no sleep for me.

  5. UMMMMM cardopusher is venezuelan and he actually lives there???? also what ben said, also track 5 is my jam of the week

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