if you listen to hip-hop at all, you'll probably recognize a lot of this album - it's been sampled all over the place, from the Bea... [...]

This one has been sitting in my bin for a while, finally got around to listening to it-Epic movie soundtrack music, lots of anthem-y drum ... [...]

Cloudkicker (aka Ben Sharp) is a one-man instrumental metal project based in Columbus, Ohio. And let me tell you, this Ben Sharp fellow is ... [...]

Part of the Shlohmo/eLan/zer0.h/jonwayne WEDIDIT crew. Juj makes some classy sample-driven beat music. His peers may be more interested in ... [...]

Don't know how I missed this one when it came out... Bygones is the drum & guitar duo of Zach Hill (Hella & more) and Nick ... [...]

This is a free metal compilation released by Adult Swim and Scion A/V (the folks that brought you Scion Rock Fest). It consists of rare and... [...]

This is the debut album from Javelin, an electronic duo. Their music is highly eclectic in that some of the tunes are danceable and groovy,... [...]

turns out the blog's 2nd bday was more than a month ago and i just noticed. (july 27) here's a link to the first post ever: first ... [...]

here's SALEM's debut king night . these bros made a fucking amazing album. opening track king night is one of the best singles this ... [...]