I'm not a particularly evil dude. But there's something about Norweigen Black Metal that grabs me, and the evil-er the better. Varg... [...]

some stuff that never got posted because of whatever. Adult. - Anxiety Always (2003) debut album from Crystal Castles. download Thurs... [...]

This is Elliot, the electronic beat artist from Australia that no one's heard of. Found Sounds is his debut album and honestly, it'... [...]

debut 'real' album from alt hip-hop's hottest new stars. retains the hilarity and art-flows of the mixtapes while generally hav... [...]

latest project from prolific "auckland scene" musician reuben winter and all-around gay boy lliam powell. taking cues equally from... [...]

An interesting three-song EP - though this is some deluxe deal, and has a bunch of remix tracks included as well. (IMO they aren't as ... [...]