this is one of those minimalist, clinical, dark (no horns), and spacey (think PiL) dubs whose influence is felt more in electronic circles ... [...]

sunny, beachy, quasi-psych/gaze album from London's Yuck that sounds like it should have been made by a band from Cali (it reminds me o... [...]

finally! i've been digging in record stores for nearly 3 years for this disc from Arditti , my hands down pick for the world's bes... [...]

This is James Blake's debut full-length. It received a 9.0 on Pitchork. James Blake is 22-years old. He only began singing on this reco... [...]

This is Young Montana?'s debut album. He is only 20 years old. He is from the UK. This is beat music, but different. It's like list... [...]

Tyler the Creator is a member of the alternative hip hop collective from Los Angeles, OFWGKTA . He is the ring leader. His second official ... [...]

Rome is a spaghetti western album. It took five years to make. The album was recorded using vintage equipment. It features vocals from Jack ... [...]