Holy shit, this soundtrack fucking rules. I'm a huge Oingo Boingo fan, and all of Danny Elfman's creative chromaticism makes the tra... [...]

Comment with an album that should be up here that I've never fucking heard of. Include a description. The coolest sounding one (as dec... [...]

This is my favorite album by the criminally underrated instrumental psychedelic surf guitar group. Pioneers in using pedals and effects in t... [...]

This is the album that I can trace almost all of my favorite music back to ("back to which I can trace my favorite musics"? screw ... [...]

"This new Tim Hecker release is composed of sketch pieces recorded in 2010 in preparation for what would become the Ravedeath, 1972 a... [...]

This weekend, I drove nine hours to Toronto for a gathering of 8-bit musicians. Coinciding with the TIFF center was 12 hours of live chiptun... [...]