Lil Wayne - Rebirth (2010)

amazon fucked up BAD. those stupid fucks sent out 500 copies of lil wayne's new album to very lucky people way way too early, and even earlier now that weezy's album's release date was pushed back AGAIN by the label. then shit was all over the internet. that's the story of how this album is on this blog. now let's move on to the actual music.

this is lil wayne's rock album. most of you have probably listened to prom queen already and saw the video feat the members of korn rocking out on stage, so you knew this was coming. well the rest of the album ain't that rock-ish. yes it has guitar solos, a bassist and real drums with wayne rapping/auto-tune-singing, but the album still has hip-hop beats and production. songs range from ok to good but besides prom queen, drop the world (feat eminem being good) and one way trip the album is kind-of forgettable. or maybe not, maybe it's a grower. that's just my first impression. anyhow, it is definitely something different and worth checking out (and you better hurry before this is deleted, which most likely will).

link deleted RIAA are whores

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  1. jc says:

    quality is 192kbps ripped by one of the guys who got a copy, when the album is released everywhere and there's a nice v0 rip i'll post it again.

  2. puxel says:

    The V2 is on
    I don't want this whatsoever, but its quality IS better than the 192kbps, says the NFO:

    Lil' Wayne / Rebirth
    Rip date/time: 16. December 2009, 19:17

    EAC without Test CRC, better than the 192kbps rip we all have at least.

    Ignore the extras in the m3u, the person who ripped this did not have the Deluxe Version, they just copied the 192kbps CBR bonus tracks and made the playlist with the ripped tracks and the copied bonus tracks.

  3. jc says:

    this is actually the v2 from waffles, but i thought the NFO was wrong/fake and was the same 192kbps everywhere online.

    i still think it might be.

  4. why did weezy pick korn of all the bands out there that i'm sure would have been down to do something similar? they must've came up with that idea while doing coke at a party and just followed through with it unlike most ideas conceived while doing coke at a party.

  5. jc says:

    i guess they became friends after this

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