Fuck me, this is awesome. As a Star Wars fan and a disco fan, one would've assumed this would've crossed my path before this morni... [...]

an extremely chilled-out trip hop record. the vocal samples, skittering drums, and overall mood put me in mind of pre-hiatus Portishead bu... [...]

This is a sort-of 'best of Xihislisk' album. I wasn't familiar with his work before listening to it, but it definitely convinced... [...]

Oh wow, this one was a surprise. Bandcamp is such a wealth of awesome stuff that doesn't get the love it should. This is a wonderfully ... [...]

Sometimes, an album has everything you could want in it. Like this li'l gem, for instance. Dub influenced production? Check. Songs abou... [...]

Let me say that, generally speaking, I'm really not into the cutesy-indie-rock thing. At all. But in the right mood, and when it's ... [...]