Some true future RnB. Autre Ne Veut (one guy) takes a familiar genre and completely fucks with it. "It's like watching a casual ma... [...]

This collection of Japanese garage features a mix of some great originals and some great Western covers ('I Saw Her Standing There'... [...]

Some very hefty electronica. It's worth downloading solely for 'Coolchazine', a dance track so heavy it borders on hardcore. P... [...]

koenji hyakkei are a zeuhl band. if you don't know what zeuhl is then look at the wikipedia article or something, it's p. cool. the... [...]

Another submission by a reader! I love the notion that this community can become something of a node, a hive-mind, where we share influence... [...]

This is hip hop without the beats. This is pop without the singing or dancing. This is dubstep without the dub or the step. This is witch h... [...]

6 geese a-laying's worth of live albums to unzip for Christmas. a few family-friendly releases for when you're home for the holiday... [...]

i don't really know anything about kirameki, but i know i like this album. it was released in 08 on 'rack and ruin records', i g... [...]

Here’s a release to be grabbing people… Madison Square Gardner is the first release on new Canadian experimental/electronic beat label Kin... [...]

thought you had heard all there was from funk? well guess what the fucks up; lettuce has made a more than promising attempt at funk and not... [...]

2008 was just full of great releases wasn't it? anyway, as i'm sure some of you might have seen this around elsewhere, it just need... [...]

one of the best hip hop/jazz//awesomely experimental albums of the previous decade, timetable is a blast of some of the best made music by ... [...]

if there was ever a band that fell under the "screamo/hardcore" category that was worth listening to, its this one. fince china s... [...]

interesting music based on guitars is rarely made now-a-days, and people trying to get away with non creative pop-tunes have drowned out th... [...]

les mèmoires de l'oeil(roughly translated to the memoirs of the eye) is an duo consisting of two very able guitar players. acoustic wor... [...]

as the title suggests, this is guitar music from the western sahara. this, however, is not your typical "foreign man than can play gui... [...]

quircky, noisy, catchy and funny new wave music from the early 80s. what a saviour these guys turned out to be for the whole genre, as the... [...]