B.O.B - B.O.B Vs. Bobby Ray (2009)

After thoroughly enjoying Satellite on ATL RMX, I took it upon myself to check out B.O.B. Hooooly shit. This album had me at first listen. I almost want to say best hip-hop album of 2009 but alas there are a few days left in this year. B.O.B is brilliant. The lyricism is eloquent and very positive in nature. I don't think it's possible to be sad while listening to this album. The beats are not typical of what you hear when you listen to other hip-hop artists. The guitar (both acoustic and electric) is used in multiple instances. Some songs sound more pop than they do hip-hop. Nonetheless this album is enjoyable to both fans of hip-hop and otherwise. I wouldn't even call this a hip-hop album, there are so many influences in this album from several different genres.The album features other artists such as Playboy Tre, Bun B, Big Kuntry, Mac Boney, Asher Roth, Kanye West, Sonic the Idiot, Big Mike, OJ Da Juiceman, Mickey Factz, and T.I. (of whose album the album name is a parody of). B.O.B is definitely on his way to the top. Get a head start on his stuff before his debut album in 2009 (supposedly, though I've not seen it on the internet). This is a fucking fantastic album, get this.

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  1. jc says:

    the second half of this is better than the first.

    loved mr. bobby, wonderland and no mans land.

  2. gM says:

    you should definitely check out his mixtape from last year, Who The Fuck is B.o.B.?, its even better than this one. very talented dude.

  3. briEn says:

    can't wait to here it. thanks.

  4. D.Beezy says:

    If you have the time, Please check out my newest music video "Dream Big"
    It may not be your type of music but everyone can relate to the words.
    Thanks for your time (:

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