Boy this band has come a long way from Moon Safari. In the way that a body might be thrown a long way after a particularly gruesome vehicula... [...]

A fantastic little EP filled with noodly, technical thrash. Oh, and one of the tracks is named after a level from Sonic the Hedgehog. How ca... [...]

Spanish neocrust punk band. Here's a good description from The sound is a heavy dose of traditional crust with dark melodies, r... [...]

you can never get enough noisy fuzzy post-punk'd shoegaze EVER. so here's ceremony's first release right after skywave's bre... [...]

get it if you like: skywave, a place to bury strangers, the december sound, screen vinyl image, the raveonettes, new order, joy division (TH... [...]

A stellar album that mixes the bluegrass aesthetic with modern influences, including a strokes cover and a white stripes cover, both better ... [...]

the renegades are a chicago jazz fusion trio. synth, bass, drums. this music is intricately constructed but has some badass solos as well. I... [...]

immortal is back niggers! one of the best norwegian black metal bands from the 90s releases their first album since they got back together i... [...]

get it if you like: metric, le tigre, pretty girls make graves, the organ. i had no idea you say party! we say die! had a new album coming o... [...]

New polvo album. Not much to say about it... it sounds like fuzzy 90s rock, with some serious fuzzzz and guitar solos, but with some unique ... [...]

Hopefully this link survives. Album is pretty good. I feel like I can write this band off as making a string of good but not great records f... [...]

My friend told me to check out this album so I did, and was merrily surprised. This album is a mix of IDM and ambient. While relatively simp... [...]

[new link...] Botch . Oh, how I loved Botch . The thinking man's hardcore. If you're looking for br00tal breakdowns, and heavy chugs... [...]

If that album cover isn't metal I don't know what is. Anyway, this is the fourth (I think) album from Totalt Jävla Mörker and transl... [...]

Delectable piano-oriented nu-jazz. So good. If you don't like mouse on the keys then you might as well be deaf. Download (doesn't wo... [...]

New EP from Massive Attack, in lieu of their fifth album which has been pushed back in to a fifth year . Apparently they saw the whole decad... [...]

If you've ever dropped acid or taken any other hallucinogen and experienced euphoria, the aesthetic created by this album is very remini... [...]

This is the new album by Geskia, obviously. While in my opinion not as good as Silent77, this is still a very good IDM album. Very chilled o... [...]