Carlos Niño & Friends - High With A Little Help From (2009)

First of all, no, this release has nothing to do with the Beatles so don't discard it because of the resemblance in the name. Second, Carlos Niño (aka one half of AmmonContact and one third of The Life Force Trio) is one of the founding DJs of dublab and his music is nothing short of amazing. He also recently created an EP with Miguel Atwood Ferguson consisting of orchestral interpretations of some of Dilla's most popular songs as a tribute to Dilla's mom since she still hasn't seen most of her son's money thanks to greedy record labels. Tints of a wide variety of styles including jazz, ambient, world, folk, etc. roam this beautiful, soothing album. Don't sleep on it!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Continue with the great work -- keeping with the great music and all that jazz. Thanks.

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