Daughters - Hell Songs (2006)


Daughters is back with a new album called Hell Songs. They've switched from Robotic Empire to the monstrous Hydra Head records and although I'm still quite sceptical about this band, I have to admit they surprised me. Their songs have grown much wealthier, and the singer kind of realized his screaming got boring after a while. That's why he switched to an inventive way of art-school singing, as if he's bending his voice in various ways to accommodate the music. Just listen to the introductory opening track Daughters Spelled Wrong and you'll know what I mean. His voice gets closer to the singing of bands as Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars. Definitely more interesting than anything he did in the past.

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  1. Citra says:

    Quite enjoyed this, Saw them live a few years back supporting someone i don't remember, the singer guy spits everywhere whilst he is singing, its disgusting but entertaining. Always meant to check out some of their stuff but forgot about them until i saw this.

  2. Abbie says:

    i fucking love these jerks. their live show is 100000 times better then them recorded

  3. Bazzi says:

    Solid album, I really like the wierd vocals! I've meant to check out Daughters for quite some time, thanks for reminding me

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