Patrick Wolf - Wind in the Wires (2005)

get it if you like: bright eyes, elliot smith, nine inch nails.

patrick wolf is an english singer-songwriter from london. wolf mixes electronics and samples with a wide range of instruments including viola, keyboards, ukelele, and percussion, all of which he plays himself to form a fusion of jazz, folk and electronic music. this is my favorite album by him, includes the amazing "tristan", one of the best songs ever. he sounds nothing like nin btw, but his approach to music reminds me a bit of a younger trent reznor. and a gayer conor oberst, aaand a less-emo elliot smith (no offense to elliot or his fans).


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  1. I thought I was going to enjoy this more than I did, that Tristan song was really cool though.

  2. Rachel says:


    i just found your blog and i really like it.
    haha because strikegently is janky andddd yeah.


  3. Hi! could you reupload? I can't find this anywhere :C

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