Crime In Stereo - Explosives And The Will To Use Them (2004)

30 seconds into their debut full length, Explosives and the Will to Use Them, the listener is assaulted with the familiar sounds of melodic hardcore made popular by east coast bands like Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, or even Gorilla Biscuits. What really sets this band apart is the use of the guitars that seem to draw influence from the entire spectrum of the genre, ranging from tight pop-punk riffage all the way to post-hardcore noodlings in the upper register. There are textures and tones though familiar to the ear, seem somewhat out of place on a standard hardcore record. So maybe this isn't a standard hardcore record then? Hmm'.

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  1. Dred says:

    Fuck, is this good! I haven't been this into a hardcore band since I was an angsty teenager.

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