Norma Jean - Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child (2002)

Recommended Tracks: Face: Face, Memphis will be laid to waste, It was as if the dead man stood upon the air
Similar Artists: The Chariot, Converge, Fear Before The March Of Flames

Norma Jean's best album. If you haven't listened to this because you're an atheistfag, suck it up. You're missing out on some damn good metalcore. Honestly, I can't believe I didn't upload this yet.

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  1. jc says:

    i agree, this is norma jean's best album. i remember liking it for a few weeks when it came out.

    there's somethin about this band though that makes me hate them, and no, it's not their religion, hating on music because of it's "message" or members' beliefs is fucking stupid.

    still, good album for those into this kind of music.

  2. good album. used to listen to them in my metalcore days. haven't listened to them in frequency since.

  3. i bought this one just by chance,and it has the greatest title,and some of the best metalcore ever,luti-kriss was a better name.

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