Teeth of the Hydra - Greenland (2006)

From the ruins of Columbus Ohio come TEETH OF THE HYDRA, one of the burliest power trios to gallop out of the rust belt in recent times. TEETH OF THE HYDRA distill backwoods molten battery into crusty black metal riff electricity. Nautical death trip vocals and desert plague guitars transform 1970s’ heavy rock hooks. Mean and raw is just how TEETH do business. Critics and fans have likened them to Celtic Frost, Melvins, Amebix and Entombed.

Prepare to have your balls crushed.

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  1. puxel says:

    Digging this. Very much so.

  2. P! says:

    Well since you asked kindly...

  3. psw says:

    Teeth Of The Hydra hell fucking YES

    Now how bout some Deadsea?

  4. Bazzi says:

    Reminds me of High on Fire, awesome!

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