Otis Redding - Tell The Truth (1970)

This album had me from its first track, 'Demonstration'. Starting with piano and drums laying down a tight beat, it's only seconds before a guitar and a full horn section jump in... and a few seconds later, Otis himself. His voice is raspy, soft, but carries an undeniable edge. The band is quiet, but still supremely dynamic. Funky as shit.

Aptly titled, this track 'demonstrates' what one can expect throughout the album: both instrument and voice have a certain soft, laid-back quality but, in their tight timing and perfect harmonies, they retain an edge, a punch, a grab. This is an album you can put on softly in the background, but if you get listening closely, you'll surely get caught in the groove.

It's not bad sex music, either.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so good. Otis makes babies

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