The Jet Age of Tomorrow - Journey To The 5th Echelon (2010/11 idk)

the jet age of tomorrow is apparently an odd future act, but this is only really shown through guest rap spots by other affiliates. they have their own sound, kinda like a mix between future funk and electro hip hop, i really like it, so far top album of 2011 for me.
p.s. wtf re-design, i thought jc was done with the blog

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  1. Evan says:


    and post more Odd Future. the world needs it.

  2. Thanks!

    I laugh when people say that things are their 'best album of 2011 so far'. Why don't you just say it's your favourite album of the last 10 days, it's the same thing.

  3. @evan - i was gonna post some but i was just like fuck it everyone knows all their shit and you can get it all from their site anyway, so i decided not to, i might post like every new album from them or something. fuck steve harvey.

    @dave - i called it that because it's not my favourite album of the last 10 days, that is probably teflon don, but because i think it has a chance at being on my best of 2k11 list, it implies, to me, a certain kind of quality or something that would be much less present if i wrote "i quite enjoyed this album over the last week and a half". if you would like to talk further on the subject, i am open to a conversation re. the connotations of words like 'best' in relation to short and long time frames, email me.

  4. Will says:

    where is the download link on the hosting page? I honestly can't find it...

  5. Unknown says:

    their site says it was released on the 31st of december, so its not a 2011 album

  6. @will - limelinx is confusing as fuck, i know, it's the 'official' link though so i posted it anyway, if you keep persevering you will find it.

    @nicobotton - that was reflected in the title ("2010/11 idk") because i don't know at what time of day they released it, it may have been at midnight in which case it is a 2k11 album, if you do know at what time of day it was released please inform me and i will edit as such.

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