Ornette Coleman/Eric Dolpy Octet - Free Jazz (1961)

if you don't like free jazz, this album probably won't change your mind. BUT it's an unique sound experiment - two quartets, one led by Ornette Coleman and the other by Eric Dolphy, each playing in separate booths but improv-ing together, if that makes sense. it's mixed with Ornette in the left channel and Dolphy in the right, so you can hear hooks and themes being passed between players on either side. disorienting, sure, but a rewarding listen; don't even bother without headphones.


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  1. kurt says:

    What I love about coleman is that regardless of how abstract his work gets it retains a blues reference. What I love about Dolphy is that he excels when working with the best. For example when he blows stormy weather with mingus he breaks my heart. Looking forward to this one. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    yup. Dolphy's quartet here contains Charlie Haden and Freddie Hubbard. his work with Freddie is usually top notch.

  3. tali says:

    loved your blog! thanks for the good music

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