Broadcast - Haha Sound (2003)

In memory of Trish Keenan, celebrate her life by enjoying her band's second album.

Haha Sound's title sums up its effect brilliantly - listening to this record is lots of fun. In it, Broadcast writes thoughtful lyrics and infectious melodies, but subsequently sets them loose within a swirl of electronics, glitches, and generally awesome effects. It's like taking your ears to the playground. Also, it's tough to pick favorites here, but its third track 'Before You Begin' is sheer magic and one of my top played of all time.

Rest in peace, have some fun!

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  2. Phitts says:

    I had no idea she had died until I read your post.

    She was my favorite female vocalist, a truly insanely talented musician (along with her bandmates) whose melodies and lyrics have stuck inescapably in my mind.

    Nice post.

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